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Decentralized web 3.0 blockchain interoperability platform

Polkadot is a blockchain network that is being built to enable Web 3.0, a decentralized and fair internet where users control their own data and markets benefit from the network's efficiency and security. Polkadot was founded in 2016 by Gavin Wood, the former co-founder and CTO of Ethereum.

Round: ICO

Element Finance

The Fixed Rate Protocol

Element Finance is an open source protocol which enables users to seek high fixed yield income in the DeFi market.

- Element Finance has raised a $32 million Series A round at a $320 million valuation Oct/21
- Total Value Locked $41.74m

Round: Series A

Neon Labs

Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) on Solana

Neon Labs are building an Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) on Solana that will allow
Ethereum-based dApps to leverage the Solana ecosystem without having the need to know Rust, Solana’s programming language. This enables existing and future dApps to drasticallyshorten their deployment time.

- Has recently  raised $40 million in new funding via a private token sale.

Round: Private sale

Obol Network

The trustless staking infrastructure for Ethereum 2.0

Obol is a staking infrastructure provider built for truly decentralized staking of the distributed web. This trustless staking mechanism enables the creation of the concept of the “internet bond”, otherwise known as the internet’s risk-free rate.

- has raised $6.15 million in a seed funding round in Q4/21

Round: Seed

Energy Web Foundation

The grid’s new digital DNA

The Energy Web Foundation promotes value creation in the energy sector by building andpromoting an open, decentralized software infrastructure based on blockchain technology.

Round: Private sale


Reactive Liquidity

Backd enables users' liquidity to be reactive allowing them to trigger actions to be performed on theirliquidity based on their own defined events. This could be saving a loan or even executing trades onAMMs once a predetermined amount has been acquired through yield in pools.

Round: Private


Store Data, Permanently

Arweave enables the permanent storage of images, websites, and all other features of the internet,creating the “permaweb”. This is executed in a highly secured and fully decentralized manner, financiallyrewarding those providing storage space so that data is permanently stored across hundreds of devices,making it impervious to damages or loss.

- Arweave has raised a total of $22M in funding from VC ́s like a16z and Coinbase

Round: Series A

Manta Network

The first privacy-preserving protocol built for interoperability, scalability, and privacy

Limited scalability, speed, and security are common problems presently facing many of the mostprominent blockchain networks and projects that utilize them, like DEXes. Thus, the MantaNetwork provides a DEX that alleviates these issues via zk-SNARKS and other enhanced datasecurity solutions, reducing vulnerability to theft, fraud, and other malicious behavior. Thisinvestment was made through nakamo.to.

- After a funding round of $5.5 million, Manta Network, sold 80 million of its governanceMANTA tokens to raise $28.8 million.

Round: Private sale


An Open-Source Protocol for Exchanging Data in a Fair and Open Way

The Fractal Protocol uses blockchain and cryptocurrency to enable advertising that maintains userprivacy while also promoting interaction with ads and products. This combats prevalent issues in theindustry including the lack of security, privacy, and guarantees that a user sees an ad - meaning bothadvertisers and users benefit from this protocol.

Round: Private sale


Accessible asset investment for everyone

FINPRO is the excellence center for tokenization and NFT´s within Advanced Blockchain AG GroupTokenization of real-world assets, technical realization of innovative NFT projects as well as programming services in the field of tokenization position FINPRO as a leading full-service provider in emerging hypergrowth markets.

Round: Acquisition


Blockchain and machine learning based platform to reduce production line scrap

Tracebloc is a Blockchain and machine learning-based platform to reduce production line scrap.Tradebloc helps its customers by taking them on a data enablement journey, which ultimately savesproduction costs and generates additional revenue. The goal is to provide hands-on instruction tooptimize the production line and estimate the potential of data-driven production line optimization.

Round: Seed

Stela Labs

Smart contract auditing firm

Advanced Blockchain's Stela Labs is a smart contract auditing firm that offers dual functionalities inauditing and developing smart contracts, particularly those related to the Web 3.0 vision and thedecentralized finance economy (DeFi). The Stela Labs team implements a comprehensive smart contractauditing and protocol building strategy that not only aims to make the projects it undertakes more securebut also more useful and impactful.

Round: Incubated


Web 3.0 Research

Founded in 2017, nakamo.to is a research company with a belief in unlocking more open, transparent,and participatory systems through the next wave of Web 3.0-based innovation and research.

Round: Acquisition


Self-stabilizing, community driven and game theory enhanced liquidity protocol

SigmaDex is a self-stabilizing, community-driven and game theory enhanced liquidity protocol. SigmaDex uniquely offers a more equitable decentralized exchange, incentivizing fairness through game theory,community governance, and transparency. This platform’s most recent version also imparts the many added benefits of cross-chain interoperability

Round: Seed

zCloak Network

Privacy and scalability for Web 3.0

zCloak Network provides Zero-Knowledge (ZK) Proof as a Service for the Polkadot Network. Their tools include a zk-STARK virtual machine (VM), ZK parachain services, and a Cloaking Service, all aimed at increasing privacy and allowing Polkadot to scale.

Round: Seed

Apricot Finance

Self-stabilizing, community driven and game theory enhanced liquidity protocol

Apricot aims to improve the crypto lending space by delivering the best-in-class borrowing power, lowestliquidation penalties, and highest predictability. Further benefiting users, Apricot provides more advancedborrowing options and requires less collateral, standing out from other crypto lending protocols.

Round: Seed


Multi-chain wallet

Talisman is a Web3 wallet that unlocks a universe of applications in Polkadot and Kusama. It allows users to take control of their crypto assets, leverage novel use cases and help shape the future of the project via a social layer

Round: Seed

Sentinel dVPN

An open-sourced, decentralized virtual private network application you can trust

Sentinel dVPN is An open-sourced, decentralized virtual private network application. Sentinel brings
decentralization to VPNs, delivering military-grade encryption and absolute transparency through serversaross the globe. The Sentinel dVPN provides live transparency stats and ensures user session data is
not being logged.

Round: Seed

SDG Exchange (SGDx)

The first global sustainability asset marketplace

SDGx is a blockchain-based protocol developing a global sustainability marketplace dedicated to
reversing climate change and making carbon trading more transparent. The platform allows countries and
companies to use blockchain technology to track carbon, facilitate trading, and verify compliance basedon the Paris Agreement with an aim to reduce global warming by 1.5°C before 2030. The first global
sustainability asset marketplace that aims to reverse climate change one transaction at a time

Round: Private sale


Polymer is building IBC infrastructure.

Polymer is a multi-chain infrastructure DAO focused on building and operating Inter-BlockchainCommunication (IBC) infrastructure to enable cross-chain communication across all blockchainecosystems.

Round: Seed / Private Round


Securely store and stake your NEAR tokens and compatible assets with NEAR Wallet.

NEAR is a next-generation, highly scalable smart contract platform built for mass adoption through aparticular focus on best-in-class UX and DevXSecurely store and stake your NEAR tokens andcompatible assets with NEAR Wallet.

Round: Ecosystem Fund round


Powering the play & earn revolution

Moxy is a decentralized gaming studio co-founded by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell that has debuted anovel Proof of Play mechanism and vault strategies. Moxy expands the gaming experience withblockchain technology and brings Play & Earn to the mainstream.

Round: Private sale 2


Empowering the open metaverse builders

Fragcolor is an interoperable gaming protocol being built on Polkadot that allows in-game assets to transfer between games as well as for players and designers alike to create new in-game assets that can be utilized and integrated into new games

Round: Private sale 2

Myso Finance

Zero-liquidation loans

Myso Finance is building zero-liquidation loans that allow users to borrow USDC against their ETH holdings without having the risk...

Round: Seed

Forest Park

A modern operating system for institutional lending organizations

Forest Park is an operating system for institutional lenders that drastically decreases the duration of loan distributions.

Round: Seed


A decentralized leveraged trading platform

The Maverick AMM uses a distribution curve that shifts liquidity to follow the TWAP to enable seamless and immediate spot swaps. This sets them apart from other DeFi trading platforms within the swaps market, as they are able to offer derivatives for exotic token pairs that are otherwise unavailable.

Round: Seed


Expirable futures without order books

When a trader opens a position, the protocol borrows on the fixed-rate market, swaps on the spot market, and then lends back on the fixed-rate market. Contango offers physical delivery and minimal price change for large trades. Contango recently closed a $4m seed round.

Round: Seed


A simple mobile app that allows users to save and invest

Alluo is also a cross-chain yield optimization and liquidity direction protocol that directs liquidity coming from mobile app users to different protocols such as Curve Finance, Convex Finance, and others. Alluo recently closed their IDO, where they successfully auctioned ALLUO tokens at a total token valuation of $50M.

Round: Seed


Interchain asset management on IBC

Quasar is a decentralized app-chain bringing ease to investing in the multi-chain universe. Quasar makes digital asset management simple, accessible, and secure. The platform is designed to easily create and join Vaults – independent asset containers equipped with IBC technology enabling interchain value capture in the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

Round: Incubation

Composable Finance

Modular-first DeFi suite

Composable Finance is our flagship incubation. Their vision is to be at the center of the shift to a modular-first reality for DeFi. This includes developing dApps, providing developers with tools, and orchestrating cross-chain communication. Composable Finance recently raised over $32M in Series A funding

Round: Incubated & seed


Options trading on Uniswap v3

Panoptic enables DeFi users to trade options on any asset pool in the Uniswap v3 ecosystem, in a permissionless and non-custodial protocol. As such, it brings TradFi options trading to DeFi, and takes advantage of the significant assets and liquidity already on Uniswap v3.

Round: Incubation


Connecting DeFi to FOREX

Pendulum’s mission is to build AMMs to introduce scalable liquidity pools for fiat currencies, and create yield-earning opportunities for fiat token holders.

Round: Incubated & seed


Layer-1 on Polkadot

peaq is a Layer-1 blockchain powering the Economy of Things on Polkadot.

Round: Incubated & seed

Warp Finance

LP-token based stabelcoin loans

Warp Finance provides a new use case for unused yield-bearing receipt tokens: acting as collateral in stablecoin loans. This allows users to leverage their existing digital assets to enhance their yields, while simultaneously incentivizing the liquidity mining process.

Round: Incubation

Instrumental Finance

Cross-layer, cross-chain strategy hub

Instrumental is a strategy hub powered by and for a cross-layer, cross-chain future for DeFi’s continuous growth. Instrumental Finance enables the unlocking of untapped potential for accessing yield from any chain and layer.

Round: Incubated & seed