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Advanced Blockchain’s investors help us make our vision of a blockchain-powered future into a reality.

Our investors have the opportunity to earn gains related to our robust portfolio of investments and ventures, while also gaining exposure to innovative new technologies and projects.



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Advanced Blockchain AG is publicly listed, enabling the general populace to support and gain exposure to the blockchain industry.

Our stock is available for purchase to eligible parties on the following exchanges:

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GBC AG Research Report (Update)


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Ad-hoc news

21.06.2022 | 20:28

Advanced Blockchain AG: Gewinnwarnung und Veränderungen im Vorstand

28.04.2022 | 11:11

Advanced Blockchain AG: Appointment of a further member of the Management Board

30.06.2021 | 16:47

Advanced Blockchain AG: Expected half-year result of approximately EUR 1.5 million

04.03.2021 | 19:09

Advanced Blockchain AG resolves capital increase

04.03.2021 | 22:53

Advanced Blockchain AG: Capital increase fully placed

Corporate NEWS

05.04.2022 | 08:39

Advanced Blockchain AG: Portfolio company FINPRO AG enters into NFT cooperation agreement with leading photo agency group action press AG

31.03.2022 | 08:34

Composable Finance, an Advanced Blockchain incubation and investment, raised $32 million dollars at a $400 million dollar total token valuation

11.03.2022 | 10:04

Advanced Blockchain AG completes 7-figure investment in the 150 million dollar financing round of blockchain network, NEAR Protocol

28.02.2022 | 08:55

Advanced Blockchain AG announces completion of acquisition and change of management board of FinPro AG

31.01.2022 | 08:54

Advanced Blockchain AG receives 5% of all tokens for the incubation of the Bribe protocol

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Virtual Annual General Meeting Advanced Blockchain AG

Annual reports


Advanced Blockchain AG Annual Report


Advanced Blockchain AG Annual Report

Financial calendar

May 2022

33. MKK - Munich Capital Markets Conference on May 03/04, Munich

May 2022

Publication of the consolidated annual financial statements as of December 31, 2021

June 2022

Annual General Meeting

September 2022

Publication of the consolidated half-year financial statements as of June 30, 2022

November 2022

34. MKK - Munich Capital Markets Conference on 15/16 Nov, Munich

Financial reports


AG Half-year financial statements


AG Group Half-Year Financial Statements


Advanced Blockchain AG half-year financial report 2021


Annual financial statements 2020 of Advanced Blockchain AG


Advanced Blockchain AG half-year financial report 2020


Annual financial statements 2019 of Advanced Blockchain AG


Advanced Blockchain AG half-year financial report 2019


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