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Advanced Blockchain AG is a publicly listed investor, incubator, and partner in the blockchain industry. Our overarching mission is to promote growth, discovery, and creation within the global blockchain industry, striving to develop and support projects on the cutting-edge of this exciting field.

Strategic ecosystem support

Bringing the web 3.0 era to its maximal potential

Our ultimate vision is to bring Web 3.0 to its maximal potential. Through decentralization, we empower users while increasing efficiency, data security, and transparency. We actualize this vision being a highly active venture builder, investor, and partner for promising blockchain projects.

Strategic investments

Delivering capital to the most promising blockchain projects

Advanced Blockchain invests in existing projects, providing the capital needed to run and grow. Our investments include decentralized finance (DeFi) and other blockchain protocols as well as tokens, which we yield farm to maximize earnings. Through these investments, we fund additional ventures while supporting innovative projects in the industry.


Making the most innovative ideas in blockchain a reality

Advanced Blockchain incubates projects using decentralized technology, providing the resources to deploy a successful product. Our goal is delivering maximal user benefits, while solidifying the business model. Thus, we produce companies that are both profitable and impactful, driving blockchain forward towards mainstream use.

Video series

Blockchain: The Next Digital Revolution

Join CEO Michael Geike as he explores the capabilities of blockchain. This technology offers a multitude of benefits to individuals, organizations, and the economy at large, ultimately serving to optimize the flow of data and generate novel and beneficial utilities.

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We invest in the most cutting-edge ideas that satisfy unmet market needs in finance and technology. We are specifically interested in decentralized technologies like blockchain, as these products possess immense potential for innovating a range of industries.

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Working with industry leaders to craft new innovations

Advanced Blockchain forms fruitful partnerships with prominent organizations within the decentralized technology space. There are already a plethora of incredible projects in the industry, and ecosystem partnerships allow us to work with great minds and companies to generate a product that is superior to what either organization could produce on its own.


We are continually seeking out new innovations in the decentralized technology space to work with and support. If you or your organization think you are a good fit with our company, or simply want more information about Advanced Blockchain

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Investor Relations

Investing into Advanced Blockchain means investing into a cutting-edge, ever-growing field with ample opportunity for returns. Moreover, our investors help us power the blockchain revolution, improving the efficiency and security of a multitude of industries.

Investor Relations
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